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I feel like I need to get somethings that are kinda frustrating me out and write them down there where some people might read and reply to it.

I know it might end up seeming like it's a "poor me" journal entry, but that's not really the point or what I'm going for. It's just lately there's a lot that's kinda frustrating me. The funny thing being that even though I'm frustrated about things I'm not really mad at anyone.

So last week my mobile phone a HTC Desire was stolen during my P.E. class. Luckily for me it was in a locker with a lock on it so it had a guarantee on it and I'll get reimbursed for the new I "had" to buy. But till then I kinda have to tighten my budget. This is frustrating because now I can't really go do things with my friends for a while and have to get every phone number and App that i lost again. I should be happy they didn't steal my whole school bag but still... it's so frustrating to be stolen from.

Last Saturday I started a class to help me in School seeing I can't spell to save my life. The Frustrating thing being I feel like I lost the whole day, not just the 3 h and 30 min that the class goes, it takes me to get there and go back home.
I also lost my choice of staying up late on Fridays, now I can only do that on Saturdays. I didn't think of that when i enrolled but then again my boss didn't give me much of a choice, but i guess even if he did I would have chosen Saturday not to miss anything important... I just really hope I don't come to regret this...

The most frustrating thing of all is probably, even though I got my wish of going to the states for vacation this summer my dad invited someone else to come with us, without asking us and it's kinda the last time we get to go as a Family...
Also the person can speak English so we'll get to translate a lot and I'll feel guilty for speaking English when we're in the hotel because they won't understand it to well.

I know I can't really change any of these and I'll just have to deal with it, but it's still frustrating. If anyone read this thanks and please leave a comment to let me know what you think, even if it's just to tell me to deal with it.
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